Horizontal Directional Drill Operator

Job Description

Progressive, employee orientated company is looking for Directional Drill Operators in our underground/telecommunications division.

Responsibilities of the position will include:

Operate a directional drill in a safe and effective manner in order to minimize the risk of injury, property damage, and efficient completion of tasks.

Job knowledge requirements for the HDD Operator:

  • Knowledge of truck and equipment safety
  • Operation of all company equipment listed above
  • Knowledge of all equipment loading/tie-down requirements
  • Equipment maintenance and storage
  • Knowledge of utility construction techniques
  • Knowledge of workplace safety requirements and procedures
  • Knowledge of equipment cleaning standards and procedures
  • Completion of daily paperwork

Elexco employs “working” operators. Our team oriented company values each position and without each individual we would not have the success we have shown to date. If an operator is finished with their duties as an operator their duties then become the next task that needs to be done that day.

  • Minimum of 2 years of heavy equipment operating experience with 5+ years in the construction field ideal
  • Class A CDL required
  • Ability to read blue prints for job layout a plus
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal communication skills
  • Basic Computer skills

Key Criteria:

  • Travel is required for this position throughout the week. We go to where the job is. Ideal candidate will reside locally; relocation not covered. Home most weekends.
  • Experience should include most of or majority of: CDL trucks, wheeled loaders, dozers, compactors, excavators, tractor loaders, skid steer, and other pieces of equipment.

Compensation will include, but not limited to, hourly wage, project related bonuses, per diems, lodging, and cell phone. Additional benefits: health, dental, vision, voluntary life, and short term disability insurances, retirement savings plan, and employee assistance plan.

Elexco looks to provide our customers with solutions that fit their project goals. Our company has built its reputation by providing quality services. We are committed to a philosophy that emphasizes performing quality work and completing well-managed projects on time to exceed customer expectations.

Posted: April 26, 2021
Full-time $25 - $38 / hour
Seymour, WI
About Elexco, Inc.

We are professionals in excavating, foundation construction, underground electrical contracting, and trenching. Our crews are made up of skilled electricians, heavy equipment operators, and concrete experts. We specialize in customizing equipment and job site teams to meet the unique requirements of each job. Elexco, Inc. has been in business for 25 years and is looking to grow with new employees who can add to our strong foundation.

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