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Elexco teams work with you to review your project goals, and then match the right piece of equipment and the most state of the art methods for your specific needs. Our crews arrive at your job site ready to work. We collaborate with your project team and perform work with the highest attention to safety, efficiency, and professionalism.

Field crews complete regular safety training through seminars, educational videos, and company meetings.

The Elexco Safety Director and Safety Committee engineer the risk out of everyday tasks. Team members complete internal training and outsource classroom training opportunities to keep up-to-date on safety.

Elexco crews travel with mobile offices including a service truck and trailer that carries spare parts and specialized tools for our equipment. Crews are trained to maintain our machinery—when time is money, you want a crew that not only operates heavy equipment but can fix it if problems occur.

In crowded urban neighborhoods or wide-open spaces, exploiting the advantages of horizontal directional drilling (HDD)to its highest and best use can effectively replace traditional methods of plowing and open-cut trenching.

Directional drilling or boring is used to navigate installation conditions under roadways, waterways, urban settings, and in environmentally sensitive areas. Capable of directional maneuvering and minimal surface disturbance, HDD is an ideal way to install telecommunication, power, water, sewer, and other utilities – private or public.

With bore diameters up to 36 inches, depth capabilities of 50 feet, and distances over 2,500 feet, our equipment works consistently in varied conditions. The added advantage of minimal surface restoration makes the application beneficial to business owners during expansions and remodels of facilities.

With over 25 years of experience, Elexco offers vacuum truck services to many industries for exposing underground utilities; Vacuum excavation of trenches, pits and holes; Cleaning out manholes, tanks and bolts; Clean-up surface and downhole fluids; Power washing and more! We have a team that specializes primarily in this service to get the job done. Dry Vacuum Excavation

Dry Vacuum Excavation
Hydro Excavation

Tough drilling conditions require an auger with pressure and torque! With diameters ranging from 12 to 60 inches and depth to 25 feet, Elexco has a variety of auger systems designed to get the job done fast period from commercial landscape applications, light poles, construction footings, drains and more! Elexco has the vertical auguring equipment and experience to meet almost any need.

Elexco’s pressure digger can auger in the toughest soil conditions. With available torque of 56,000 pounds and 6×6 chassis; Elexco can meet the demands required for tough job sites timely and productively.

At Elexco, we cut depths up to 40 feet or widths up to 72 inches IN A SINGLE PASS and we do it in almost any material, any location, and any weather. Accurate, controlled cuts allow work in easements containing fiber optic cable, high pressure gas lines, and overhead electrical. Our field crews are able to adjust their processes and modify equipment to meet each jobs need.

Elexco’s pressure digger can auger in the toughest soil conditions. With available torque of 56,000 pounds and 6×6 chassis; Elexco can meet the demands required for tough job sites timely and productively.

As an alternative to trenching or boring, Elexco may utilize a plow system to excavate and bury cable when appropriate. Ideal for shallow digs, cable plowing uses a narrow vibrating blade to split the ground. Benefits include minimal disruption to the landscape, as the slit can be quickly repacked.

Drones allow Elexco’s project managers to inspect project sites in a fraction of the time and from a vantage point that may not otherwise be possible or safe. The 4K footage provides a clear look at any potential hazards and the digital files are easy to share.

Elexco is your one call for all your site prep. We’ll handle the removal of all vegetation including the roots. Our teams are equipped to remove trees, brush, and debris as well as remove stumps and roots.

You need a sturdy foundation for construction and grading for runoff water. Many projects demand a 5% slope, but our engineers consider soil composition, moisture level, and potential for erosion or flooding to determine what’s right for your project. We’ll start with bulldozers and excavators then our graders will level it off.

At its simplest definition, drainage is moving water away from the site, often redirecting it for another purpose, like toward a river. Our team will consider potential land saturation and flooding as too much water can cause structural damage and hazards for people and vehicles. At Elexco we consult and adhere to drainage laws. We’ll work with civil engineers, architects, and surveyors to ensure the correct design is used to manage runoff.  

Groupings of conduit may be bundled together and laid out in PVC and placed in a duct bank protected by concrete and metal casings. This allows Elexco and our partners to consolidate wiring in centralized paths, reducing the impact of weather and risk of damage. Elexco uses pre-cast duct banks for safe, reliable, and cost-effective duct banks.


For fast, widespread ground cover, Elexco employs hydroseeding or hydraulically applied seed and mulch. Hydroseeding provides runoff control, erosion control, and vegetation for lawns, slopes, highway medians, and just about any construction site. Hydroseeding also reduces dust and facilitates soil compaction, keeping soil where it needs to be.

Remote cellular sites tend to be out-of-site and out-of-mind, allowing vegetation to grow out of control, potentially damaging expensive equipment. Not only does Elexco construct wireless systems, we maintain the sites necessary to supply wireless services. From weed and erosion control to building maintenance and fence repairs, Elexco performs premium services while being cost conscious and providing value to our customers.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place? Elexco’s team of professionals provide timely expertise and resources to solve the most puzzling challenges. Whether it be equipment, terrain, soil conditions, locating, slopes, engineering, or otherwise, Elexco specializes in troubleshooting a solution. 

Sometimes things get in the way. We safely repair or relocate those obstacles. Today, there are so many systems buried underground, it’s hard to avoid. Many of these systems are too old to locate or have no records. Elexco’s skilled crews have the tools and knowledge to avoid damages and execute precision removal and relocation.

Elexco can expose your underground utilities to the light of day. Daylighting or potholing is important for the maintenance of pipes, sewers, and other underground facilities. Our team can check for cracks, leaks, and other damage without moving more dirt than necessary. Gone are the days of backhoe or hand-digging to inspect your facilities! Hydro excavation saves time, labor, and money. Our team uses precise, high-pressure water to dig through the soil and an air vacuum to transfer the debris.

Elexco’s ground heaters are used for ground thawing, concrete curing, or space heating applications. Able to run up to 72 hours continuously without refueling, each heater can thaw up to 4,500 square feet to a depth of 1 foot per day or heat up to 6,000 square feet of surface. Assurance to get the job done regardless of cold temperatures.


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