5G: What Does it Mean?

You may know that 5G is the latest wireless communication standard. But what does this fifth-generation connectivity really mean?

Your old flip phone was 3G and allowed you to first connect to the internet. The next-gen, 4G, allowed for video streaming and more apps than we ever thought we’d need. The fifth generation is the next level of speed, at least ten times faster than 4G LTE. We appreciate the need for this more now than ever. With apps like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meets being used extensively in the last year, 5G networks have low latency (what makes your videos stutter or lag) and make our video conferences more enjoyable.

Virtual reality, 3D renderings, and other technology benefit from 5G on today’s construction sites as well. With this tech, we can rely on more data in real-time than ever before, even instant data transfer across multiple locations. When data processing takes place in the cloud (instead of our devices), our content is served up even more quickly.

The Future of 5G

Fifth-generation wireless communication means our devices need less power and memory, making them smaller and lighter as well as less expensive. At Elexco, we expect this technology will continue to make our construction sites more efficient and safer. Just think of the potential as IoT sensors can geofence danger areas or report incidents in real-time! We already see smart hard hats and vests, but we believe they’ll become even more accessible, affordable, practical, and accurate soon.

Sure, phone carriers are constantly promoting 5G capabilities, but there’s still a long way to go, especially in rural areas of Wisconsin. Decision-makers at municipalities and communications companies often have to compromise between coverage and speed. Most high-band, high-speed networks today are around densely populated areas. Elexco is working hard to help equip municipalities and other organizations with similar connectivity in more rural and remote areas. The need for quality internet has increased in rural areas in the last year as more people are working and doing school from home. Elexco is proud to be working with several grant award winners to install broadband technology in underserved communities.

If you’re curious about how 5G technology can help you or need communication services, contact us directly to see how we can work together.






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