Construction Equipment Care Tips for the Cooler Months

It might seem a little early to think about caring for our equipment in the winter, but some areas of Wisconsin have already seen hard frosts and below-freezing temperatures. So here are a few things to consider before the harsh winter arrives.

Watch Your Fuel

Diesel fuel can freeze! Therefore, keep fuel levels high to prevent condensation and make it less likely to freeze. Watch for fault codes on equipment. Give equipment time to warm up before putting it to work on cold mornings. Excessive idle time, however, can lead to other issues. Some equipment will do better with No. 1 diesel with lower viscosity, making it less likely to gel in cold weather. And don’t forget to watch your DEF!

Check Your Brakes and Tires

Extreme cold can freeze brakes, keeping them from releasing. Tires with good tread are essential on heavy equipment and all Elexco trucks in cold weather. We know the importance of building on a solid foundation; our tires are the foundation of a vehicle. Watch for uneven wear and check the PSI. Cold weather can lower the PSI of air pressure in tires, impacting fuel efficiency and even increasing the potential for blowouts.

Keep the Heat

Sometimes in extreme temperatures, machines will be left idle for long periods, even overnight, leading to wasted fuel and higher engine hours. Auto start systems or block heaters may make starting equipment easier on cold mornings.

Keep it Clean and Lubricated

Clean tracks, undercarriages, and drivelines are less likely to freeze if they aren’t packed with mud or snow. In addition, keeping moving parts lubricated can prevent salt damage and reduce friction in cold weather. Elexco has wash bays on site to help our technicians keep everything clean.

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