Elexco is proud to be a member of the Wireless Infrastructure Association

Elexco Inc. is proud to continue to grow and improve. We recently joined the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA). We are proud to be a part of this organization because of their comment to support the widespread deployment of wireless infrastructure in order to enable wireless broadband everywhere. Being part of a more rural and having many underserved communities, this mission is important to us at Elexco. We are excited to see how the WIA continues to advocate for access for everyone.

About WIA

The Wireless Infrastructure Association represents the companies that make up the wireless infrastructure ecosystem in the United States. Members include wireless carriers, infrastructure providers, and professional services firms that collectively own and operate more than 135,000 telecommunications facilities around the globe. Through public affairs and advocacy efforts – on the local, state, and federal level – WIA works to support the widespread deployment of the wireless infrastructure in order to deliver broadband access to all citizens and communities.

The mission of the WIA is to help our members succeed in enabling wireless communications.

*This section is taken from the WIA’s website.

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