Elexco Meets High-Tech Wireless Construction Demand

At Elexco, we know there is high demand for high-tech.

Meeting the “rush to market” demands of our wireless provider customers, Elexco offers several options in wireless site services. From complete turn-key site prep and tower installation, to tower mapping and site maintenance, Elexco can react quickly and meet compressed construction schedules with our full-service offerings.

Full service, self-performed, less outsourcing…

Development of raw land sites including access roads and utility infrastructure as well as fencing, compounds, and site clearing are options that our customers enjoy.

In addition to our land development services, our pad/pier and caisson foundation installations are also self-powered without reliance on subcontractors.

When specialty trades are required for HVAC and structural steel, our customers can be confident in our subcontract pre-qualification process. Our subcontracting partners are selected based on the quality of work, financial stability, commitment to safety, and availability. At Elexco, we control our projects so we can provide your desired outcome.

Minimized visual impact…

In addition to a standard monopole, guyed towers, lattice, and rooftop installations, Elexco has the experience needed to reduce the visual impact on the environment with our specialty installation skills. From the utilization of church steeples or flagpoles to mock farm silos and rooftop screen walls, Elexco has the skills, creativity, and experience necessary to build tower concealments. Whether it is an urban or rural application, maintaining visual impact that is compatible with the surroundings is a goal to ensure positive community relations.

Wondering how we can help you with your needs? Contact Elexco today.

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