Elexco was founded in 1996 on principles that continue to drive our business. The entrepreneurial creativity that started Elexco remains a part of our mission.

Our History

Our founder started as an electrician but realized there was an opportunity to specialize in full-service underground contracting. He sought out jobs that required the power of excavating, specialized heavy equipment, and the technical expertise of integrating electrical operating systems. As Elexco’s business evolved, we established a reputation for providing the most hands-on knowledge on the job site.

Our Mission

Elexco is dedicated to continual improvement. We work on technically sophisticated systems and challenge ourselves through ongoing training and innovative projects to work more efficiently, safely, and smarter.

Based in the Midwest, our teams bring the work ethic and loyalty found in small towns across America to jobsites across the country. We dedicate ourselves to creating value and results for our customers.


Elexco is committed to a philosophy that emphasizes performing quality work and completing well-managed projects on time to exceed customer expectations.

We continually strive to provide our customers with the highest quality construction projects using only the highest quality materials, subcontractors, and skilled personnel. We aim to become an essential preferred business partner to both existing and new customers. We intend to provide a world-class construction service that complies with statutory and construction industry standards. We have set quality objectives, which we review annually to determine suitability and relevance.

We have implemented an integrated management system that combines all our organizational processes into a single identifiable unit working towards unified objectives to demonstrate our commitment to quality. We are also committed to continually improving the effectiveness of this system.

Environmental Stewardship

Elexco understands that the world’s natural resources are limited. We feel that protecting these resources is consistent with our overall corporate goals and strategies. We know the impact the services we perform can have on our resources. In fulfilling our commitment and responsibility to environmental stewardship, we shall seek to ensure our environmental policy is held up by our employees, subcontractors, and business partners. We will ensure project-specific environmental concerns are identified, addressed as part of the project planning, and communicated to the project team. We will conduct our operations in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards. We will minimize the environmental risks to our employees and the communities in which we provide service. We will promote employee awareness of environmental concerns and responsibilities.

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