Global Trends in Civil Infrastructure

Expect Growth!

Rapid industrialization and urbanization and the growing focus on developing high-quality infrastructure worldwide are anticipated to drive the global civil engineering market. Increasing consumer disposable income in emerging economies will continue to drive real estate, thereby driving the growth of civil infrastructure.

According to Grandview Research:

“The market in China is expected to exhibit high growth on account of the rapid development of application industries including real estate, infrastructure, and industrial. Expansion of the industrial and commercial sectors coupled with a surge in demand for planning & designing services in the country is projected to promote market growth over the forecast period.

Rapid urbanization along with increasing industrial manufacturing activities in emerging economies including China, India, and South Korea are anticipated to boost the market growth in the Asia Pacific. In addition, rising consumer disposable income levels in the region are anticipated to propel the demand for residential constructions, which is further projected to boost the market growth.

Increasing urban population is expected to result in global demand for a better transportation system. Economies across the globe are developing various plans to meet this demand, which is projected to create numerous growth opportunities for the global market.”


SEH, Inc. highlights a continuation of the trend toward greater sustainability and climate resilience. The Alliance for a Sustainable Future (a partnership between the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions) released a 2020 report citing that 60% of surveyed cities across the U.S. have launched or significantly expanded a climate initiative or policy.

We expect bicycle and pedestrian traffic will increase due to environmental concerns. However, it also saves money while improving the health and safety of our communities.

Tech Trends

Elexco is excited to see how visualization technologies such as 3D modeling, 3D digital renderings and 3D animation can help us see and experience a project before it’s complete. In the civil market, the public will benefit from understanding how the design will impact them. Tech advances will increase buy-in and save money through faster, more informed decision-making.

Elexco is Ready!

Earthwork, rock removal, and concrete are our “jam.” ELEXCO handles the heavy, dirty jobs, so you don’t have to. We specialize in site preparation, shoreline restoration, stormwater management, and structural concrete and are always up to a new challenge. So let us know what you’re facing today!

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