Ground Heating in Wisconsin

When the weather gets cold, work gets tough. Elexco finds ways to ensure work can continue safely and efficiently. Ground heaters are used for ground thawing, concrete curing, or space heating applications.

What is a Ground Heater?

A ground heater is a piece of equipment that thaws ground frozen at the surface. The softer ground makes for easier, faster digging. Our equipment can run for up to 72 hours continuously without refueling. Each heater can thaw up to 4,500 square feet to a depth of one foot per day or heat up to 6,000 square feet of the surface.

Ground heaters can extend the working season throughout the winter months. Softer ground and warmer surfaces reduce physical strain on workers and equipment, decreasing the risk of injuries and equipment breakages while making the work less labor-intensive.

Types of Heaters

A hydronic heater uses a boiler, a hose, a blower fan, insulated blankets, a vapor barrier, and propylene glycol. The mixture pumps through a hose that loops over the entire surface area. The vapor barrier and insulated blankets keep heat close to the ground.

A ground thawing blanket uses only an electric heating blanket. It’s a simple method that requires little prep and is highly portable.

Curing Concrete in Cold Weather

If concrete freezes, it, at best, lengthens the curing process. At worst, concrete freezing may result in uneven curing or cracking. After pouring concrete, heaters ensure the concrete can meet its optimal cure and strength.

Keeping Workers Warm

Our Midwest values make for hard workers! At the same time, cold weather can make it challenging to keep productivity up. Ground heating systems can warm the air in enclosed working areas. At Elexco, our team is taught how to work safely in all weather conditions.

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