How Drone Inspections Benefit the Construction Industry

Drone inspections allow for safer, faster, and more thorough inspections of construction sites. Drones allow Elexco’s project managers to inspect project sites in a fraction of the time and from a vantage point that may not otherwise be possible or safe. The 4K footage provides a clear look at potential hazards, and the digital files are easy to share.

Drones are Safer

Many types of inspection are dangerous and time-consuming, for example, inspecting cable lines or powerlines on electricity grids. Because drones are highly maneuverable and can reach impressive heights to collect visual data, they’re perfect for construction inspections. In addition, drones reduce the need to put human inspectors in dangerous conditions to inspect hard-to-reach areas.

Drones are Faster and Cheaper

When our clients need to complete inspections quickly, drones save time. Our drones allow for a virtual and digital inspection process. Without using lifts, cranes, or other risky equipment, drones can get the right vantage point for maintenance, planning, and asset management decisions. Our 4K footage is of the highest quality and can be delivered instantly. This kind of automation saves time and money.

Regularly inspecting infrastructure can be expensive if it requires staff, equipment, and shutdowns. Plus, not all inspections lead to maintenance, so the disruptions may not be financially feasible.

With drone technology, many of these issues are mitigated. Drones are easy to deploy and do not require a team. Companies usually do not need to shut down any operations for inspection. There will be hardly any noticeable disruptions.

Drones allow for faster and more regular inspections; this helps construction crews identify and resolve any issues much quicker while reducing injuries and saving money. Drones also save money by reducing the need for high-risk insurance, temporary structures, and costs associated with asset downtime.

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