Wind Farm Collector Systems

Elexco realizes the global role renewable resources play and is proud to construct the collection systems necessary to capture renewables like solar and wind power. Today, we’ll discuss how wind-generated electrical energy is collected.

The wind power collected at a wind farm is converted to mechanical rotating energy and then electrical energy. Then, it leaves the turbine. Where it goes next is the collector system. A crucial part of this system is the transformer. Transformers are part of an alternating current (AC) system. Here high current, low voltage power can be converted into high voltage, low current energy. Then it can be transmitted over long distances.

Voltage and Current Relationship

The proportionate relationship in a current is important to understand. If voltage is increased, the current is decreased by the same factor. Transformers can adjust the ratio. Voltage drops due to friction. Therefore, line loss happens when you send energy over a long distance. To overcompensate for the voltage loss, a transformer can change the voltage if it gets too low.

Transformer Maintenance

For transformers to continue to provide the right voltage/current ratio downlines, they need maintenance. In Wisconsin, this means protecting transformers from ice build-up, water damage, and rodent damage. In addition, oils levels should be checked regularly. If there are leaks or build-ups of gases in the oil, this may signify a transformer problem. Because transformer explosions can cause significant damage, Elexco encourages regular transformer monitoring and intelligent design to protect the surroundings should there be an incident.

Underground Conductors

When the current leaves the transformer, it will flow through a high-voltage conductor. Because of the improved aesthetics and insulating properties, underground conductors are a popular request by Elexco’s clients. They’re also less likely to encounter animal issues than their above-ground counterparts. Whether underground or above, power consolidates at a substation. There it is usually transformed to a higher voltage and sent to the grid.

Are you wondering how Elexco can help you with your wind or solar energy collection systems? Then, please get in touch with us directly today.

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