Elexco Engineers the Risk out of Wisconsin Weather – Spring & Summer Edition

At Elexco, we take construction safety seriously. Safety training and classroom safety instruction are a regular part of our schedule. More than causing construction delays, weather can cause injury and even loss of life. Being prepared is essential, especially in the dynamic weather conditions of Wisconsin.

Elexco works hard to prepare our construction sites to reduce delays and prevent injuries on-site and inside the work area. Weather safety starts with weather awareness. We regularly check short and long-term forecasts for the work area to take preventative measures. We keep our alerts on so if an unexpected weather condition arises, we can make last-minute job site preparations to prevent damage to equipment and reduce downtime. Of course, personnel safety comes first.

Rain and Floods

  • Flooding or heavy rains may dictate that workers and equipment need to move to higher ground. Our employees always have a backup plan.
  • Even if it’s not raining, melting snow can cause flash floods. Elexco considers water hazards during each project’s planning stage and is always ready to move to higher ground and engage pumps if needed.
  • High winds can topple heavy equipment if unforeseen. We keep tie-downs and braces on site.
  • Thunderstorms may bring lightning, thunder, and heavy rain that pose a risk to employees. During lightning, Elexco employees take shelter away from trees and metal equipment.


Tornadoes can happen any time of year, but spring brings the start of peak tornado season.

  • If a tornado watch or warning is issued for a work area, Elexco teams will take whatever time may be available to secure loose items and seek shelter in a sturdy building.
  • The safest place to be during a tornado is a basement or the lowest level of an interior room.
  • If you need to shelter in a vehicle, stay below the windows. A ditch or other low ground may be safer if you’re in an open area.

Summer Weather Awareness

Hot weather can cause heatstroke in workers. Those who do physical labor outdoors in the summer will tell you that the machines are also often hot. Sudden heat waves make it a challenge for workers to acclimate.

  • Elexco ensures our employees can recognize heat illness.
  • We encourage ample rest and water breaks.

Other Preventative Measures

Incomplete projects pose more risk to people and property. Elexco strives to finish projects promptly. That means not starting more projects at a time than necessary.

Our employees take pictures, not just for our social media, but they can also prove any losses should storms cause unexpected damage overnight. They also help our project managers plan future projects to see how much work is completed each day.

We stock emergency supplies. Our employees have tie-downs and braces to secure equipment. Our trucks have flashlights, drinking water, and first aid kits. Action plans outline what they should do in the event of inclement weather.

Are you curious as to how Elexco can help you start your project on the right foundation? Call us today, and we’ll show you how we can mitigate risk, work quickly, and get the job done right.




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