How Technology Has Changed Infrastructure Construction

What would a construction site look like sans technology? Without heavy equipment and power tools, construction workers would be working by hand. Technology has always driven construction to new heights, but those who don’t keep up will likely suffer. Advancement allows for not only faster construction but also more efficient structures.

New construction technologies are being developed each day. It is common to see equipment such as drones, robots, smart tools, and more on construction sites. You wouldn’t have seen these just a few years ago. So how does all this tech improve infrastructure construction?


Not only do the physical tools allow construction sites to rely less on human power, but software and mobile applications manage every aspect of today’s construction project. They assist with design, modeling, scheduling, project management, and field reporting. Cloud-based solutions allow for real-time updates back to the office or the client. This saves on time delays, manual data entry, and physical paperwork.


Technology moves physical work from human to machine, reducing injuries. It also makes it easier to train and monitor construction workers to prevent injuries. Some sites are implementing smart hard hats and safety goggles that can transmit safety checklists or be monitored by safety managers. Wearables monitor repetitive motions, and hazardous areas are restricted by geofencing. Smart clothing can monitor vital signs to determine if the wearer is suffering from heat exhaustion or fatigue.

Drones and cameras can be used to check job site progress and monitor workers, and ensure safety. They effectively check on dangerous sites, so construction workers stay out of dangerous heights, depths, and confined spaces.

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