Tips for Working in the Cold

Many local schools were closed today due to below-zero windchills. In Wisconsin, cold weather comes every year. Though we can’t change the weather, we can take practical steps to make the best of cold, snowy weather. We recently shared tips to keep your equipment running. Today, we’ll share tips for keeping people safe and productive in the cold.

We found some great tips from Carrier at:

  1. Know the signs of winter-related injuries and illness
  2. Be aware of weather forecasts
  3. Require workers to wear the proper clothing and gear
  4. Provide a heated break area
  5. Remove snow and ice from the work site
  6. Have supervisors inspect the site
  7. Discourage workers from drinking caffeine

Here are some suggestions from Utility Contractor Online:

  1. Dress for the Cold
  2. Protect Against Moisture
  3. Remove Snow and Ice
  4. Create a Space for Warming Up
  5. Train Employees to Recognize Cold Stress
  6. Minimize Worker Exposure to Freezing Temperatures
  7. Use Insulated Tools

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