Tips to Keep Equipment Running in Cold Weather from United Rentals

Underground Construction explains how to keep going in any weather! Wisconsin winters don’t stop Elexco!

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Readying construction equipment for frosty weather days can prepare worksite machines to work reliably all winter long. United Rentals, Inc. shared maintenance best practices to help keep excavators, aerial work platforms, skid steers, loaders and other equipment running smoothly and productively on worksites during the cold season.

“Equipment is one of the largest costs that many contractors incur. To preserve their investment and maximize uptime, actively planning fleet maintenance for the winter is a must,” said Norty Turner, Senior Vice President, Services & Advanced Solutions, United Rentals. “Owners of fleets of any size will benefit by establishing a written winter maintenance program. The program should define and document each service step, identify the intervals equipment needs to be serviced, and incorporate advanced planning to order parts and knowledge of when equipment will not be on a worksite.”

Running equipment without proper winterization decreases performance and can put additional stress on parts. Although the machinery may seem to work fine, breakdowns – accompanied by large repair bills – could crop up come spring.

Follow manufacturer recommendations.

Use the right fuel mix.

Ensure proper tire inflation.

Check the battery.

Inspect the hydraulic system.

Inspect the engine coolant system. 

Store the equipment.

United Rentals Customer Equipment Solutions

The United Rentals Customer Equipment Solutions team specializes in equipment repair and service in the field and onsite, so companies can protect their investment, safeguard employees and meet ANSI, OSHA and CSA requirements. From on-demand service for unexpected repairs to a turnkey fleet management solution, United Rentals’ Customer Equipment Solutions has an option that can be catered to an organization’s unique needs. In addition, United Rentals offers parts and supplies for sale so companies can conduct their own maintenance and repairs.

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