Wireless Construction: Effective and Unobtrusive

We know what you want. You want effective wireless construction: complete turn-key site prep and tower installation or tower mapping and site maintenance. Whatever you need, Elexco can clear your site, prep, and build – all with safety and quality. But we do more than that.

Unobtrusive Wireless Construction

Elexco offers standard monopole, guyed towers, lattice, and rooftop installations. But we can also do specialty installations that utilize existing structures or create new ones that fit the landscape. For example, we’ve utilized church steeples and flagpoles.

In addition, Elexco can mock farm silos and rooftop screen walls. Elexco has the skills, creativity, and experience necessary to build tower concealments. Whether it is an urban or rural application, maintaining a visual impact that is compatible with the surroundings aims to ensure positive community relations.

Learn more about Elexco’s wireless construction.

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